Not so travelling Solo Part 4


The next two days are spent exploring the area. There is a short walk from the house down to the Vienne River, which has a lovely path running alongside.  There is a magnificent bridge here which I believe stages bungee jumps in the summer months. We past cyclists and anglers along the River, who are all very welcoming, exchanging acknowledgements of ‘Bonjour’ as we pass.  It doesn’t take long to feel at home here and we like it.

We are very lucky in terms of the weather as France is currently experiencing a heatwave and as the mornings turn to afternoon, the heat is tipping from the high 20’s into the low 30 degree Celsius and it is hot! The village has an open-air public swimming pool, which is much welcomed for an afternoon dip to cool down and after doing so we head to  the local supermarket to get some provisions.

vienne river

We spend time deciding between the three of us what food to buy that ‘bestie’ will be happy to sample. (You guessed it, she’s a fussy eater) As we meander through the isles a realisation hits that they do not stock Pepsi Max and the disappointment on ‘Besties’ face is blatantly obvious.  Myself and ‘the middle one’  manage to convince ‘Bestie’ that she will indeed survive for a full week without it.  We purchase diet coke instead which, although there are complaints about she does eventually accept, acknowledging that this is better than nothing.

The outside space at the house is great and as the afternoon temperatures drop slightly it is a nice little sun trap to soak up the last of the afternoon rays whilst passing the time playing ‘pass the pig’  We are all relaxed and happy in each others company and have somehow managed, up to this point, to avoid any altercations between us.

Although I have spent lots of time in France mainly along the southern coast line, this is the first time that I have experience the ‘French village’ life and I am pleased with how this place has managed to keep it’s authentic feel although the majority of people that live here now are English, which the locals have welcomed.

It soon becomes evident that the English locals have a weekly schedule of meeting up around the square to socialise and over the next two evenings we sit amongst them  chatting and enjoying their company.

islel jourdain

We cook and eat at the house, we drink in the square, we relax in the back garden and we listen to ‘bestie’ highlighting her sting of ailment.  One of which is really unpleasant hay fever.  We spend more time with Chris and Wendy along with their dogs whilst enjoying the atmosphere at Café Le Paix and we are introduced to a group of English ‘Bikers’ who are touring the villages of southern France.

It isn’t long before we have been befriended by one of them ‘Spanish Dave’, who is in fact English and fancies himself as somewhat of an entrepreneur, along with five of his friends who are all happy to be in female company.  As the evening creeps into the early hours of the following morning we find ourselves seated around a courtyard adjacent to the Café Le Paix where the ‘bikers’ are residing enjoying their stash of boxed French vino brought down from their rooms.

Bestie makes the decision to take on a challenge with ‘Spanish Dave’ which involved drinking a pint of Red wine in one hit and after doing so manages to fall over in the garden as the red wine takes effect on her 5ft 2 inches, size 3 feet body, resulting in a nasty sprain.  I wonder whether tomorrow will find me seeking out the nearest A & E.

We say our goodbyes and head towards bed, once again admiring the beauty and brightness of the stars and spend an hour or so in the back garden of the house in silence contentedly staring into the night sky.


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