Not So ‘Travelling Solo’ Part 3

Limoges is the smallest of airports and there is a long wait whilst passing through passport control, I am ahead of the others and so use sign language to communicate to them that I will go and seek out the car rental office and collect the pre booked car.


Soon enough we are on the road, after some juggling of cases and dropping of back seats……and it isn’t long before my brain has accepted that we are driving on the other side of the road and everything is back to front.  Although ‘Bestie’ is the designated co-pilot for the trip ‘the middle one’ has taken the front seat and there are numerous discussions around which road we should be taking that will head us in the right direction for L’sle de Jourdain.  After some irritating debate between the three of us, around which highway we should take, we all agree that we are travelling in the right direction and we settle in for a straight run for a while.   ‘Bestie’ highlights (from the back seat) that there is a 5th gear on the car and as I slip from 4th to 5th, thanking her for her observations.

Knitted tree.JPG

As we leave the highway behind us, we are weaving through several French villages which are delightful.  We pass through a little town that has its trees decorated in knitted items and observe that although we have passed other vehicles, since leaving the highway, we haven’t passed a single ‘human being’ on the streets of the villages that we have driven through.

We pull into a local village store for some essentials, as we are not sure that we will reach L’sle de Jourdain before the local supermarket closes and we purchase some items to get us through until tomorrow.  I attempt to put my limited knowledge of French into practice and ‘the middle one’ who has a decent understanding of Spanish tells me that my attempt is poor.  The shop owner appears pleased with my ‘merci’ ‘au voir’ and so I am happy.

We arrive in L’sle de Jourdain and find the house, using the owners hand written directions, really easily.  It is devine……..a typical French family home split onto two levels with a good sized garden area to the back.  We upack and head uphill to the village square which again oozes ‘french’ village life and we take a table at Café de la Paix.


We order drinks and its soon clear that most of the people here are English.  We decide to dine here this evening and we are shown into the back courtyard which is an eating area away from the square.  We sit alongside a couple who are already eating with their dogs sat (very well behaved) under their table.  There is an exchange of ‘hello’s’ between us all and again we hear their accents are English.

Chris and Wendy are staying at a nearby village and they tell us that they have eaten here often whilst staying at a friends house.  They speak very highly of the Roquefort Cheese Salad and state that the Steak is delicious.  Roquefort Cheese Salad and Steak it is then.   ‘Bestie’ is not he most adventurous eater that I have ever come across and I am mindful that she may well just eat chips for breakfast/lunch/dinner whilst we are away, all washed down with vast quantities of Pepsi max.  I am pleased when she orders Steak, which she says she likes, her Mother would be proud.


The food is, as described by Chris and Wendy, very good and we spend the evening chatting to the couple and enjoying some decent French red wine. As it’s our first night we also order a bottle of Prosecco which goes does a treat.  We chat to other couples in the courtyard who are dining, all of whom are English, then as we walk back to the house we notice how clear the night sky is and the stars are the brightest that I have seen.

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