Not so ‘Travelling Solo’ Part 2

oThe trip begins with mass confusion!! Firstly we have agreed to purchase one ‘hold bag’ between us and there is a period of negotiation as to what is going in this bag and an attempt is made to section the bag into three……….As you can imagine this is great fun and there are numerous accusations made that ‘someone has more room in the bag that the others’. Finally everyone is happy with their designated third, although there are now concerns about the bag being over weight and if it is, how will this be managed once we arrive at the airport ?


I can feel myself getting dragged into the bags ‘drama’ and although this kind of issue isn’t something that I would normally get upset about, I can feel myself beginning to get a little ‘tetchy’ as my efforts to dampen the ‘drama’ fall upon deaf ears……

We arrive at the airport and make our way to Ryanair ‘bag drop’. As we do so, Bestie (who at this point is beginning to get increasingly more agitated) is way in front, weaving her way through the mass of passengers all working out which check in desk to head to. Myself and the ‘middle child’ watch as she manages to fall over her own case causing mass confusion followed by a string of obscenities as she talks to herself thinking that we are hot on her heels…. which we are not….

We catch her up as we arrive at the Ryanair section of ‘self-check in’ I take the ‘hold’ bag and begin to manage the ‘self-check in’ machine which wants to check the weight of the bag……As anticipated we are overweight and so pull the case to one side and begin to rummage through, taking out what we can and manipulating the items into our already full hand luggage.


We manage to reach the allocated weight of the case, check it in and make our way through security before finally arriving in the departure lounge seeking out somewhere for a bite to eat. Bestie is now relaxed and all previous anxieties have left her, which is pleasing. We find an eatery which isn’t too full and sit observing the delights of numerous ‘Stag Do’s’ all beginning their trip consuming vast amounts of alcohol.

I find myself trying to identify any other airport that I have spent time in, that has these images and I struggle to identify any!! The ‘British Style Stag/Hen’ party is most definitely out there on its own and I wonder what is the perception that foreign travellers, passing through Manchester airport, have of our wonder City. Similar to the perception that is portrayed of ‘Mancunian life’ depicted in Coronation Street no doubt.


We board the flight and sit separately….offering some quiet time during the journey and we arrive in Limoges relaxed and looking forward to our following weeks holiday.


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