Not so ‘Travelling Solo’ Part 1

Once you have enjoyed the experience of travelling solo then you become conscious of the impact of travelling with others and the demands that this can have, I am able to remind myself that I have had many experiences of travelling with others and have thoroughly enjoyed those trips.

With this in mind I have the opportunity to visit a colleagues house in Lisle Jourdain, France, which has been bought as a holiday home and sounds wonderful………The flights are ridiculously cheap with Ryanair and before I know it, after discussing this with the ‘middle child’ I have arranged a booking and bought flights for June 2017. The ‘middle child’ appears to have inherited my love of travel and in true ‘like mother like daughter’ style she doesn’t need any encouragement to get herself out of the country and is happy to book flights to any destination on a whim.

islel jourdain

I have taken several ‘mother/daughter’ trip with her over the last few years and we appear to be able to manage each others company well with no concerns. Whilst we are planning the trip there is a suggestion made that her ‘bestie’ comes along too. Bestie is one of my unofficially adopted daughters (of which I have many) and I am confident that this will work, especially as this will offer me the opportunity to seek some ‘me, myself and I time’ easier.

Bestie is booked onto the trip and we begin to plan. After a recommendation to visit La Rochelle, from another colleague at work we consider the possibility to visit another area of France whilst there. This is a common theme of mine in terms of when I have the opportunity to visit somewhere new I like to try to fit in a ‘trip within a trip’ and both of my travel companions are happy with the suggestion.

I have visited France many times over the years, always choosing to stay along the South coastline and on the odd occassion travel through into Italy.  I have always enjoyed France, it’s cuisine, it’s climate, it’s character, although I am aware that I have only visited very touristy areas of France I am hopeful that the traditional French village life will be equally as enjoyable. I am also hopeful that the trip will possibly offer me the opportunity to experience a more pleasant example of the French female, who during my trip to the Maldives unfortunately left me with a somewhat negative impression.

Le Rochelle

So after a couple of ‘planning Fridays’ we all agree on the following:

I will research and hire a car to be collected at the airport in Limoges and I will be the designated driver for the duration of the holiday.

The middle one, will book the accommodation in La Rochelle, that has been recommended by my colleague at work.

Bestie will conduct research of the areas that we will visit and will be navigator when driving between destinations during the trip.

We will all be mindful that we each have individual travel needs and we will be respectful of these throughout the holiday.

Easy, the week is organised and we are all looking forward to our French holiday, which is only 6 weeks away. I am confident that there will be no issues in terms of how we will all ‘get along’ and that the trip will be a success and everyone will enjoy each other’s company………….




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