The Maldives, Maafushi, Biyadhoo and fish curry Part 6

I have arranged my transfer back to Male for 11.30am and I am keen to make the most of what time I have left here. My snorkel and I are already experiencing the delights of the underwater world of Biyadhoo by 6am. I snorkel, I lay on the beach, I snorkel some more before heading back to my room to shower and pack before feasting on more fish curry for my last Maldivian breakfast.




I then spend my last hour gently swaying in a hammock, staring blissfully out over the turquoise ocean watching a couple of reef sharks hunt for smaller fish in the shallows. I await the arrival of the speedboat transfer back to Male, which is late. I realise that during my 5 minute speedboat transfer from Maafushi to Biyadhoo I have gained another 30 minutes on my day…………..So………… 30 minutes late the transfer arrives and I am waved off the jetty by two of the reception staff, my feelings on my trip back to Male are mixed.


I am in love, I am contented, I am relaxed, I am appreciative of the beauty of our planet, I am sad, I am confident that I will someday return. My flight back to Colombo is non-descript I board the plane, I depart the flight, I collect my bag, I wonder through to arrivals with no real plan on how I will get to my last nights accommodation in Sri Lanka. I remember my arrangement with Nisha who has booked my last nights stay in Sri Lanka at Villa 7 in Negombo.  It is the same hotel that I stayed before my departure to the Maldives and is located close to the airport as well as being in close proximity to the beach where I can spend my remaining hours of my Solo trip tomorrow before I depart back to the UK.  I ring Nisha before I begin to seek out a taxi outside and he answers with ‘Hello Madam, yes I am on my way.’

villa 7 negombio

I spend my last night of my first solo voyage in a state of wonder.  I dine at Villa 7 on the most delicious king prawns whilst reminiscing over the last 13 days of bliss.  I feel rejuvenated, I am in awe of the wonderful planet that we inhibit and I am not ready to head back to the UK and the demands of reality there.  As I have been able to place myself into ‘in-time’ for the majority of my trip, in some ways I feel that I have been away from home for a much longer period of time and in others I feel like I have only just left the UK.

I drift off to sleep with home life and work filling my thoughts and I wake the following day feeling sad to be leaving.  I reframe this emotion and remind myself that I have three children that I love dearly waiting for me to return as well as highlighting that this is my midlife crisis and its not supposed to last forever.  I have breakfast and wonder down to the sea where I take a very long slow walk along the beach soaking up every last minute that I can of this beautiful country.

I check in at Colombo airport and update my facebook status as follows…..

All good things must come to an end……..I will no doubt be found crying on several occasions over the next few days and due to spending large amounts of time in my own company and soaking up the silence over the last two weeks, I suggest that unless I am urgently needed to respond to something, I’m best left alone until Sunday/Monday whilst I absorb the delights of Sri Lanka and The Maldives xx Note to offspring : please don’t ask ‘what’s for tea’ ‘what time is….’ or ‘can you just’ I need time to readjust to normality Xx

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