The Maldives, Maafushi, Biyadhoo and fish curry Part 5

The whole of the day is spent snorkelling, laying in hammocks, drinking coffee and water, pinching myself, being in love, people watching and more snorkelling. Today I encounter my first swim with a turtle!!…She is graceful, elegant and silent and I am moved by her presence. I am in awe of the beauty that Mother Nature has created.

The late afternoon sun is sweltering and I head to my room for the relief of the air conditioning. I shower, I dance, I sing into a hairbrush (yes I know you wouldn’t believe it would you….) I am tempted to dip into the minibar but I restrain myself. I dress and head to the bar for a G&T before watching the sunset again.

I feel as though days have passed since I last watched the same sun set in the same spot at the same time and again I am happy with my ability to remain ‘in time’.  Before heading to dinner I realise that I have not checked in with the offspring since arriving on Biyadhoo so I walk around the reception area with my phone stretched out above my head trying to tap into Wi-Fi, no luck…I feel no ‘Mum guilt’ at the thought that they may be worried, there is nothing that I an do about that (its getting easier).

I type a message and attach it to several social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, WhattsApp and Instagram and I am confident at some point my phone will find a signal of some kind and a message will be sent… It does and they are happy 😊

facebook message.jpg

Dinner is another feast of Maldivian curry and fresh salad along with a diet coke. The food here is fabulous and I have to try really hard not to overindulge. There are several singletons dotted around the restaurant who I don’t remember seeing throughout the day and wonder where they have been ? (There is nowhere to hide on this island, it is too small!)

After dinner, I am back at the island bar. Yes another G&T. I chat to a Portuguese couple who I spoke to earlier in the day, they are interested in the Shisha pipe that I had last night but not enough to try one. A band are playing over towards the beach, the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. As we chat my feet are tapping to the sound of the music and then I am dancing on the beach with strangers. I enjoy one last G & T followed by a Baileys and I drift off to sleep happy.

In between snorkelling, drinking coffee, and occasionally lying in the sun (albeit only for very short periods of time) I finally pick up the book that I have brought with me, it is now day 11 of my holiday and I have only just found time to pick up my book.

appletree yard

My body and mind are so relaxed that it has felt almost offensive to fill it with the words from a book, sounds stupid I know but that is exactly how I feel. I don’t ever remember feeling this relaxed….Ever!!….I wonder what it will be like on my ‘re-entry’ into my day to day routine back in the UK. I pull my train of thought back to the here and now and spend the whole day in a Zen like state. I shower and dine, wondering how on earth does a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean manage to produce such wonderful food, when every ingredient that it uses is imported……….Tonight I drink only two gin cocktails and I sleep contentedly.

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