The Maldives Maafushi Biyadhoo and Fish Curry Part 4


Biyadhoo is a dated island with a three star rating, making it accessible to people on a budget who want to experience the fabulous snorkelling of its house reef, fitting my needs perfectly.  It has the most beautiful beach and as I walked out onto the stretch of white sand for the first time, I am moved by how stunning it is, an image and feeling that has stayed with me.


I spend the first afternoon snorkelling, which was amazing and soon became aware that Biyadhoo opens its doors to day trippers, as speedboats arrive from neighbouring islands and snorkelers slip into the ocean to witness the underwater delights that this island has to offer. Unfortunately this has had a negative impact on some parts of the reef which now shows signs of damage.

Sea planes fly overhead transferring holidaymakers from Male to their destination island and I find myself wondering what kind of lifestyles people live, who holiday in this perfect location year in year out ? Is this way of life something that I would want to swop for my single life back in the UK, working a full time demanding job, attempting to create calm in a house now full of ‘adult children’ completing the mundane daily tasks of washing/ironing/cooking/cleaning…….and I surprise myself in answering no, I am content with my life and I feel blessed to be able to experience this trip.



An afternoon stroll confirmed that Biyadhoo is also tiny, with me being able to walk the circumference in under 15 minutes. There are lots of little alcoves with hammocks for you to relax, a relaxation centre to enjoy a massage, a central restaurant and bar where you can eat/drink and lots of shaded beach areas which are perfect for when the afternoon sun reaches it’s hottest. I snorkel then float on top of the Indian ocean whilst I watch the sun setting with nobody else around and I am blissfully contented.

As I exit the beach and make my way back to my room I realise I have no idea what time it is, I am not even sure what day it is but I do know that I have spotted a Shisha pipe in the bar and I can almost smell the Gin and Tonic…..I shower, I eat, I smoke a Shisha, I drink several Gin Cocktails, passing the time chatting to strangers, looking through the underwater pics that I have taken since I arrived on the Maldives, then I go back onto the beach and just sit in the darkness listening to nothing, before heading to bed.

biyadhoo snorkelling1

The four or five (quite possibly six) Gin cocktails contribute to a ‘coma sleep’ and when I wake I know that I have slept way past my usual 6.30am natural wake up call. The restaurant still has a handful of breakfast diners and as I peruse the offerings, which is a selection of continental breakfast items, fruit bowls and a variety of breads and cereals, I see fish curry……as I feel a little tender from the effects of the gin cocktails I am drawn towards something hearty and tasty…….fish curry it is then, it is delicious 😊

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