The Maldives Maafushi Biyadhoo and fish curry………Part 3

Again I wake early and I am snorkelling by 6.30am. I have been able to place myself into ‘in time’ (another technique used to slow things down and give yourself time to soak up the here and now instead of thinking about what’s coming up next) so every hour feels like 4 and I like it a lot ! After breakfast I am chatting to an Italian couple who tell me that I can arrange a transfer to Biyadhoo at the iCom office down the road for 15 USD


I pack and check out leaving my luggage with reception and take a walk around the island. Maafushi is tiny, it takes me literally less than 15 minutes to walk around and as I reach the far side of the island I see the walls of a prison……….Yes of all the islands that I could of chosen to visit in the Maldives I choose the one that has a prison!……..My mind wonders to my colleagues at work and our interactions with the Youth Justice Service and  I banish these thoughts of home life immediately!

There are a couple of shops, cafe’s and a delightful bakers ‘Fine Bake by Suzy’ where I buy some lunch. It is busy here and after I look this place up on Trip Advisor I can see it generates a lot of interest. Most definitely worth a visit if you’re ever on Maafushi.

I negotiate a transfer to Biyadhoo for 20 USD  (as I am the only one travelling) and I arrange a return trip from Biyadhoo on day 6 back to Male for a further 20 USD. The distance travelled here in the Maldives appears to have no bearing what so ever on how much you pay……….but I have no alternative so I take it ! A grand total of 50 USD for the roundtrip as opposed to 180 USD which is what Biyadhoo charges for a round trip to and from the island….. I am happy and looking forward to a Gin and Tonic.


The Speedboat to Biyadhoo takes 5 minutes and the weather is beautiful, a much nicer experience than my arrival at Maafushi. There is only me in the speedboat and two young men from the iCom office, who are chatty and interested as to why I am travelling alone, I tell them that I like my own company and they frown. It dawns on me that I now refer to males in the 30’s as ‘young men’ and wonder when I started to see 30 something as young ?

As we approach Biyadhoo I see dolphins swimming alongside and I find myself in awe of the wonder of Mother nature and how wonderful it is to see dolphins in their environment swimming alongside because they choose to, I also spot flying fish which are fantastic, if a little odd looking.

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